To The Rescue!

@Patrick Rubeck, BTown Clean
You took the words right out of my “hands”! Linda is positive, and direct, without the condescension of others I have seen for my “problem”. With my degree, area of study, and contempt for math, I have been my worst nightmare. Her knowledge and experience are refreshing, and delivered in a manner that tastes less like castor oil. Financial planning, funding, expenses, moving parts, leaks in boat, etc. These are realities in building a business. My dream is to serve and do something great for generations upon generations, but I cannot get there if the finances do not balance.
Linda Schilling, You are a Hero!

Kelly Dawn Jones
CEO, L.O.V.E. Learning Opportunities Valuing Education LLC

Scared No More!

Working with Linda paid for itself almost immediately. I came to Linda after realizing that I couldn’t manage my books, taxes, and business all by myself with no background in accounting/ bookkeeping. Once Linda got into my books she immediately began advising me on how to manage my books in an efficient, stressless manner while she cleaned up the damage I had already done! Once Linda had managed my books for a few months I began to see her work pay for itself (and then some) as she saved me, time and again, from penalties and fees that had accrued while I was (poorly) managing my own books. Shortly after she connected me with a wonderful CPA and together they have saved me thousands! I just wish I wouldn’t have been afraid of the costs involved when I began, but instead understood that people like Linda will save you much more than she will ever charge. Two thumbs up from a business owner who is no longer afraid to open mail from the IRS!

Patrick Rubeck
Owner, BTown Clean LLC;

Thank You, Linda

Plus Side has saved our sanity. As a small business owner we are busy running our business and servicing our customers. Plus Side came in and helped us get control of our finances and showed us how to take our money and make it work better for us. Linda has helped our business in so many ways, she helped us re-file our taxes for the previous year and paid for their services right off the bat. They’ve helped us get back on track financially and get an understanding about that side of our business.

Ryan Grimes
Owner, MyIT Indy

Very Helpful

I was delighted with Linda’s thorough examination of my books. Though my records were in order the advice provided was even more valuable in directing me to market areas I was neglecting.

Lynn Johnson
Owner, Top It Off
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