The AMP Model

A successful, thriving business must have three essential elements. A solid financial reporting and analysis system (Accounting), an effective sales model to bring that product to market (Marketing), and a needed product with the means to produce it (Production).

When these three elements are treated as separate entities, they do not communicate between each other and the business is fractured. At it’s most basic form, the explanation of this concept goes something like this: The Production Dept doesn’t know how many items need to be produced, the Marketing Dept doesn’t know how many items are available to sell, nor what the lead time would be to make available quantities over and above the on hand stock and neither knows whether the business is financially sound enough to purchase the needed supplies to manufacture the product or to engage in advertising campaigns to entice buyers to purchase them.

How do these three elements communicate?  Management

In the realm of small business, this is YOU, the entrepreneur. You are the Captain of your ship and must be well versed in the workings of each of the AMP Elements. Your knowledge is how you are able to coordinate the operations of the these elements into a cohesive unit, able to react to market conditions with clarity, speed, and cost effectiveness in order to maximize your profit and provide excellent value and customer service.

The Story

When Linda Schilling founded Plus Side Advantage, Inc., her goal was to assist business owners in finding solutions to better understand and manage their operations. Early on, she began to see many of the same patterns of frustration. Owners, Managers, and Staff all had issues with actually KNOWING where, financially, their operations stood and could not react effectively to changes in their market environment. In short, she found that it was very common for entrepreneurs to have incredible passion for their product or service, to be fully capable in the production and/or sales arenas, yet were, in effect, steering their ship of commerce blind because they lacked knowledge, training, or understanding of how important the need for an effective financial data recording, reporting, and analysis system was to their business. A frequent stumbling block that she encountered was that professional advice and training in this area was many times priced far out of the reach of these struggling business. With this in mind, Linda set out to develop a web based training program that not only shared her knowledge and expertise in a no nonsense manner that is understandable and repeatable, but was affordable to these business owners.

The Plus Side Advantage

The Plus Side Advantage Training Program is the culmination of over 5 years of Field work with Small and Medium Sized business’ and is currently under Beta testing with a few select clients. It has been designed to work in conjunction with the QuickBooks, the most comprehensive, powerful, and cost effective Financial Reporting Software on the market. It is also the most widely used and misunderstood product in the small to medium sized business world.

The Plus Side Advantage System is geared toward stripping way the mystery of small to medium sized business management and incorporates elements of various of levels data collection, bookkeeping, tax planning, and financial analysis from basic beginner leading to intermediate skills. Hands on exercises cement the knowledge contained in the lessons to increase proficiency and confidence. Using the PSA prefabricated and fully customizeable files and integrated system processes and templates, you will be able to take your financial reporting system from a blank slate to fully operational. The course is configured to build your knowledge and system in a congruent manner, leaving you with both a working financial recording and reporting system that is compliant with the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and the skills to utilize it to its maximum degree of effectiveness for the betterment of your business.

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