Is Your Business in the Black?

Being “in the black” can mean a lot of different things, but for most business owners, it means being profitable. When a business owner sets out on a new venture, establishing a profitable one is the main driver. Unfortunately, too many entrepreneurs get lost in the day-to-day tasks of running the business and forget their main purpose.

As your small business consultant or what we call Profit & Growth Experts, we apply the Business Improvement Model to help maximize the profitability of your business. What is this model? It’s a process of steps that helps a business to find out what’s working, what isn’t and how do we make it better. In this competitive economic environment, solid financial information is critical for success!

Improve Your Business Financial Position

Know how your business stacks up against the competition using the professional business assessment we provide
Recognize your business’ strengths and weaknesses and use that awareness to improve your profitability.
Identify trends that expose what is both helping and hindering your business.
Take advantage of tax benefits through regular reviews of your tax position.

By gathering the necessary information through the bookkeeping and record management process, we will analyze the data and help you make the changes required to improve your firm’s profitability.

Tax Planning vs. Tax Preparation

There’s one distinguishing difference between tax planning and tax preparation: December 31st. In order to be beneficial, tax planning must occur before the end of the year while tax preparation can only take place after year’s end. Although we can’t promise to eliminate taxes, our tax planning services will help you minimize them.

Tax planning is an important step in reducing taxes. Together, throughout the year, we will discuss various tax strategies that could potentially save you thousands of dollars. This will enable you to make all the necessary adjustments before the end of the year so that you have some control over how much you pay in taxes.

Why Outsource Your Accounts?

Financial reports are a core business function. Without a good system of management reporting and review, a business is sure to fail. With good record keeping, a business might survive. With accounts managed by a Profit & Growth Expert, a business is certain to succeed.

Poor financial management is often cited as the reason for most small business failures. Often the business owner or a member of the business team manages this crucial function because they want to maintain complete control of their business or because they’re afraid that outsourcing their accounts would be too expensive, or a combination of the two. What isn’t realized is that outsourcing is a useful management tool that can save a business both time and money while preventing potential failure. When you outsource to the right firm, it can be the difference between base survival and profitable success.

Would you ever drive your car blindfolded? Obviously not! Nonetheless, every day millions of business owners drive their businesses without knowing their financial locations: where they have been, where they are, and where they are going. That sure sounds blindfolded to us.

As your Profit & Growth Experts, our primary role is to ensure that you have the historical data that will tell you where you have been and where you currently are. With that critical information, we can provide a professional consultation that will help you determine where you want to go while creating an action plan that will help you get there. This process is called engineering profit.

With this 360 degree view of your business, you can plan effectively and then track your progress against your goals. Accurate and timely accounts will help you anticipate obstacles so that, when encountered, you can easily maneuver around them rather than allowing them to slow you down.

With Plus Side Advantage’s knowledge and expertise, you can’t go wrong

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